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Current Collier County Deputy Chief of the Law Offices of Kathleen A. Smith, Public Defender 20th Judicial Circuit:

  • Counsel of record on 1,273 cases since April 2014*

  • Counsel on over 55 jury trials, bench trials, and substantive hearings

  • Has appeared before more than 18 judges

  • Supervises county court and juvenile court attorneys

    *As of October 12, 2018, per the Collier County Clerk of Courts

Staff Attorney a.k.a. Trial Court Law Clerk, 20th Judicial Circuit:

  • Worked with more than 30 judges

  • From January 2010-March 2014, assigned to more than:

    • 600 criminal cases

    • 100 civil cases

    • 75 county-to-circuit appellate cases

  • Wrote more than 900 combined:

    • Proposed court orders

    • Appellate opinions

    • Legal memoranda


  • Ten years in the financial services industry prior to earning a law degree

    • Banking, investments, and mortgages

  • Owned and managed rental properties



Personal integrity is defined as having an inherent conviction to stand against things that are unethical or corrupt by adhering to a code of values.  Those with personal integrity do the right thing even when it’s inconvenient or unacknowledged.  A person with great personal integrity is needed to uphold the law and make decisions that impact the people and organizations in Collier County.  Blake Adams is a man of great personal integrity. 

Blake grew up in a small, Missouri town about seventy miles southwest of St. Louis on I-44.  Blake was raised in a Christian family that fostered his Midwestern values.  Blake was taught to abide by the Golden Rule; shun vices such as greed, lying, and envy; and respect other people’s faith, beliefs, and traditions.  Although Blake left the Midwest for Collier County nine years ago, his values and beliefs haven’t changed.  Those that know Blake, both professionally and personally, describe him as honest, independent, practical, hard-working, neighborly, tolerant, forthright, dedicated, and persistent.  Blake continually demonstrates personal integrity by treating clients, opposing counsel, witnesses, and court personnel with dignity, civility, and respect while still obtaining favorable results; defending the Constitutional rights of the citizens of Collier County; and tirelessly working to improve the lives of clients, colleagues, and neighbors through his profession as well as through organizations to which he belongs or volunteers. 

As our next Collier County Judge, Blake Adams will uphold the values that were instilled in him and unfailingly conduct himself with great personal integrity both on and off the bench.


Personal integrity and a commitment to one's community are mutually dependent.  One who is committed to the community helps to improve the lives of others and makes that community a better place to live and work.  Blake Adams is committed to the Collier County community. 

At a young age, Blake learned the importance of being actively involved in his community and the need to help others.  Blake's immediate family members were entrepreneurs, small business owners, and served their communities as elected officials.  Blake's father was an elected county surveyor; his mother was a school teacher who went on to serve as an elected school board member; his uncle was an elected city alderman; his grandfather also served as an elected county surveyor; and his great-grandfather was an elected municipal judge.  Blake will continue his family tradition of public service to his community as the next Collier County Judge.

Blake has demonstrated his dedication to public service since becoming a resident of Collier County nine years ago.  Blake served as a Staff Attorney for the 20th Judicial Circuit Court and then as an attorney with the Law Offices of Kathleen A. Smith, Public Defender 20th Judicial Circuit.  Blake tirelessly works to improve the lives of the residents of Collier County not only through his employment but through the organizations to which he belongs or volunteers.  Just to name a few, Blake has been a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Collier County, a volunteer judge for Collier County Teen Court, a courthouse panelist for Youth Leadership Collier, a volunteer for Ave Maria School of Law moot court, a strong supporter of Humane Society Naples, and currently serves on the Criminal Justice Academic Advisory Board of Lely High School.  Blake has been or is a current member of the Collier County Bar Association, Collier County Women's Bar Association, Collier County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Michael R. N. McDonnell American Inn of Court, American Bar Association, and Florida Trial Court Staff Attorneys Association

Blake learned the importance of supporting local businesses by growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Blake is committed to supporting the businesses, organizations, and events in Collier County and has mandated that his campaign do the same at all times possible. In fact, the Campaign Committee has spent almost 76% of all fund expenditures from July 1, 2017, through October 5, 2018, with businesses located right here in Collier County.

As our next Collier County Judge, Blake Adams's commitment to the community will be a vital asset to the residents, visitors, businesses, and organizations of Collier County.


In Florida, county court judges are trial judges that preside over criminal misdemeanor and traffic cases as well as civil cases in which the amount in dispute is $15,000 or less.  Trial judges should be knowledgeable and experienced in the rules of court and evidence, committed to following the law and deciding cases impartially, and exhibit judicial temperament.  Blake Adams has the genuine experience required to be a county court judge for Collier County. 

As a Staff Attorney for the circuit judges of the 20th Judicial Circuit, Blake worked on more than 600 criminal cases, more than 100 civil cases, and more than 75 county-to-circuit appellate cases.  Blake worked with approximately 30 different circuit judges where he wrote more than 900 proposed court orders, appellate opinions, and legal memoranda.  As a Staff Attorney, Blake managed the law student interns teaching future lawyers how to improve their legal research and writing skills, how to interact with other attorneys and judges, as well as practical legal concepts not taught in the traditional law school setting.

As an attorney for the Law Offices of Kathleen A. Smith, Public Defender 20th Judicial Circuit, Blake has gained extensive courtroom and trial experience that we expect of our judges. Blake has served as counsel on more than fifty trials and substantive hearings.  Blake has considerable experience in both county court and circuit court, and he has appeared in court before more than 18 judges.  Since joining the Public Defender’s Office, Blake has invested incalculable hours and energy into mentoring numerous less-experienced attorneys and law student interns.  On a daily basis, Blake also advises seasoned attorneys on case law, the rules of court and evidence, as well as case and trial strategies.  Blake was promoted to Deputy Chief of the Collier County Office in December 2017.  As Collier County Deputy Chief, Blake supervises and trains attorneys practicing in county court, juvenile court, and the law student interns.  In addition, Blake represents people in felony circuit court and is the lead defense attorney for the Rapid Response Squad—a group consisting of members from the State Attorney's Office, Collier County Sheriff's Office, David Lawrence Center, and other organizations who attempt to identify frequently incarcerated individuals with severe mental illnesses and obtain treatment for the individuals in order to stop recidivism and make the community safer.

Blake was recently voted as a "Top Lawyer" by his peers in Collier and Lee counties in the practice area of criminal defense (non white collar) as published in the September 2018 issue of Naples Illustrated.

Blake's extensive legal experience is undoubtedly supplemented by his time spent in the private sector.  Prior to earning a J.D. and M.B.A. at The University of Tulsa, Blake spent ten years in the financial services industry with leading financial institutions including Bank of Sullivan, PrimeVest Financial Services, Inc., and World Savings Bank. Blake’s experience in retail banking, retail investments, and mortgage lending provides him with an immense understanding of issues that could come before him as a county court judge, including but not limited to contract, property, monetary, and account disputes.  In addition to his experience in the financial services industry, Blake owned and managed rental properties for more than twelve years—practical experience to be Collier County Judge since Florida county courts preside over landlord-tenant cases.

The experiences, skills, and knowledge that Blake Adams has obtained, both inside and outside of the practice of law, unquestionably provide him with the genuine experience needed to be our next Collier County Judge. 

Important Dates

  • General Election: 

    • Election Day: November 6, 2018

    • Early Voting: October 25 - November 3, 2018

    • Vote-by-Mail ballots to be mailed: October 2, 2018

  • Primary Election:  August 28, 2018. UPDATE--Blake Adams won the Primary Election!  See the results here

  • Golden Gate Candidates Forum:  July 9, 2018. UPDATE--Blake Adams won the straw poll!  Read his speech here

  • Blake Adams Announces Candidacy for Collier County Judge: June 30, 2017. Read his announcement letter here


Officially    endorsed    by Naples Mayor Bill Barnett, Public Defender Kathy Smith, State Attorney Steve Russell, and Attorney Jerry Berry. Join them in supporting Blake Adams for Collier County Judge. Vote Blake Adams on November 6th!

Officially endorsed by Naples Mayor Bill Barnett, Public Defender Kathy Smith, State Attorney Steve Russell, and Attorney Jerry Berry. Join them in supporting Blake Adams for Collier County Judge. Vote Blake Adams on November 6th!

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